No one has the capacity to Judge another Human Being.


it is ALL between God and You

The Beauty that is MAYA ANGELOU R.I.P.

maya angelou x5maya angelou x2My Tribute to Maya: My Sheroe has left us behind to conquer even more.
So, I Weep, I Sigh and Flicker with Pain. But. Knowing that Maya’s greatness has reached so many, soothes my Soul with Joy not Pain. I Celebrate with Maya….God’s Gift to Her as to us ALL, Eternal Peace! The Peace Maya earned by Her Grace & ways with Her God. Dr. Angelou Triumphed in Life because of Her Dignity, Kindness & Love of Self & Humanity. May Dr. Maya Angelou R.I.P. Forever & Ever, Amen.

24th November, 2011


Reflecting Back on Friends I’ve Lost.

Spring is when the Flowers come back to Bloom Again.“Spring is when the Flowers Return to Bloom Again

…if only They could …!”