LOVE or HATE, Simple or Complicated…what you think?

“Every Human Being possesses the Power of Choice, God’s Greatest Gift to us All. Yes, God could have kept that gift for himself but instead we have all been given the freedom to enjoy this Powerful gift. So. my Question is? Why are we  constantly wasting time trying to convince others to LOVE each other rather than to HATE. We constantly do this, knowing that No one Person has Power over another persons feelings, emotions, beliefs or thoughts. Does ANY ONE Person truly understand the depth an individuals LOVE or HATE”.

gay-hands-1000x600ORLANDO, Florida June 12, 2016: If this BASTARD had a problem seeing Two Men Kissing…then why couldn’t he just have looked the other way instead of conjuring up such an Evil deed. He like so many others that walk this Earth, must be Spawns of Satan. I will NEVER as long as I live say that Demons name out loud or to myself. And. As Respect to those that were slaughtered, I will make it my business to find out each & Everyone of those murdered, First Name & Last Name in order to give Justice, Dignity, Cause & Love for their Precious Loss of Their Life. May Each and Everyone of The Victims, Rest In Peace, Forever and Ever, Amen.

Victims Names ©ourtesy of City of Orlando (50+)

orlando 2016 x1orlando 2016

The Village of Harlem, New York City 1970 photographs.

©ourtesy of afewacresofsnow

The Ladies of Sugar HillPhotos taken:

From a Paris Match issue on Harlem in 1970. Jack Garofalo  photographed the neighborhood in July of that year.

1970 was such a crossroads for fashion too.  The men in the top and bottom photos might be only a decade apart but their clothing seems to belong to two really different eras.

1970 was such a crossroads for fashion too.  The men in the top and bottom photos might be only a decade apart but their clothing seems to belong to two really different eras. Continue reading

RACE can Only be defined as a Human Being

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Toni Morrison Breaks Down The Reality Of Race On The Colbert Report

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Baron: The Future of Sex

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the future of sex x1

Virtual Lovers and Hybrid Positions in the London Journal’s Latest Spread |

Dutch photographers Anuschka Blommers and Niels Schumm depict the best of both sexes in today’s exclusive series taken from the third issue of Baron magazine. Founded by Jonathan Baron and Matthew Holroyd, the self-published title lies at the intersection of art and pornography, and for its latest edition, “The Future of Sex,” the journal gets under the skin of relationships in the digital age. Eighty-eight-year-old Polish sociologist Zygmunt Bauman provides the unlikely reference point with a rumination on the allure of “virtual relationships,” while the list of guest editors includes the co-founder of the New York Club Kids movement, Michael Alig, and Night editor Henry Rubin (issue two saw Tyrone Lebon take the reins). Here, the magazine’s quick-witted “spoof” editor The Baron talks tapping into online desires, and logging off.

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The Beauty that is MAYA ANGELOU R.I.P.

maya angelou x5maya angelou x2My Tribute to Maya: My Sheroe has left us behind to conquer even more.
So, I Weep, I Sigh and Flicker with Pain. But. Knowing that Maya’s greatness has reached so many, soothes my Soul with Joy not Pain. I Celebrate with Maya….God’s Gift to Her as to us ALL, Eternal Peace! The Peace Maya earned by Her Grace & ways with Her God. Dr. Angelou Triumphed in Life because of Her Dignity, Kindness & Love of Self & Humanity. May Dr. Maya Angelou R.I.P. Forever & Ever, Amen.

Holy Murals designed by Monks

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Tibetan Monks Use Millions of Grains of Sand to Create Breathtaking Murals

As part of a tour put on by an organization called The Mystical Arts of Tibet, a group of Tibetan Buddhist monks from India recently visited the Crow Collection of Asian Art in Dallas, Texas.

They were there for a weeklong residency during which they constructed this magnificent Tantric Buddhist mandala sandpainting.

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AFL-CIO passed an amendment adding Transsexual people to its constitution.

©ourtesy of NCTE

trans pass
WIN: The AFL-CIO passed an amendment adding #trans people to its constitution. NCTE’s Mara Keisling said:
“Even the way this is worded is wonderful. This really is why we pass anti-discrimination policies and laws. We want for everyone to be able to share equally in all aspects of society. I think this says it just right…”

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Tribal Face Tattoos

Tokyo Tribe, looks inspired by tribal people all over the word with their magnificent face art tattoos and also their outfits… the difference is they do not wear Versace or Yohji Yamamoto… very ethnic so exsotic… again japan did it… and for additional infos that the art of tatto-ing face, you can found it in every continent, except Eroupe maybe, Maori from Polynesia, Egypt and Niger from Africa, Indonesia (Borneo) Japan (Ainu people) Taiwan (Atayal) who live in Asia, Mayan and Ribaktsa from Peru and Brazil. – – courtesy of Deluxshionist