When it comes to Hunger….ALL Lives Matter!

“Not everyone has what you and I have. Take a moment, right now, to pray for those who lack what we take for granted”… ©ourtesy of Patrick Madrid

When it comes to Hunger...ALL Lives Matter

This photograph Devastated me when I first saw it and it will continue to haunt me for all for the rest of my Days. It is so difficult for me to internalize the increasing amount of poverty & hunger that the world continues to ravage the planet. The Year 2016 is no different for hunger than it was a 100 years ago. Guess thinning the Herd has not made much of an impact on the situation.  People should be “ashamed”. So much technology, So much wealth..yet So very little SHARING! Seems like People are forgetting that this world belongs to You, Me & the rest of Humanity. Finding solutions to the devastation of World Hunger is a global task and should not be limited to churches, organizations & sympathetic individuals who contribute their time and money for the cause. There needs to be a conscious effort of ALL this World’s co-habitators, NOW!

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