Sir Lady Java coined “The Prettiest Man on Earth” back in the 1960s…WOW!

©ourtesy of Ferneta on FACEBOOK

sir lady java x3

Female impersonator, Sir Lady Java Creole born entertainer based in Los Angeles over 60 years. Friends to the Stars.

Saturday, June 18, 2016: Attended an incredible Celebration of ‪#‎TransPride‬ L.A. 2016 at the ‪#‎LGBT‬ Center on Schradder which Honored the Legendary ‪#‎SirLadyJava‬ with the “2016 ALEXIS RIVERA TRAILBLAZER AWARD”. ©ourtesy of | Sir Lady Java worked as a performer and female impersonator based in Los Angeles during the 1960s. This was in a time when the word transgender didn’t exists, Java was known as “The Prettiest Man on Earth”. At that time in Los Angeles, a law called Rule #9 made it illegal to “Impersonate by means of costume or dress a person of the opposite sex” and was used frequently by authorities to break up shows to arrest gay and trans people. As

Sir Lady Java became increasingly popular, packing local bars and clubs to see her performances, authorities began targeting her directly. Recognizing this violation of Her Civil Rights and the impact it had on other local trans people, she fought back. Joining forces with the ACLU, Sir Lady Java took Rule No. #9 to court and brought the LGBT community together through public rallies and protest. Her legal challenge was thwarted because only a club owner could appeal, and, no owner came forward to fight on Her behalf. While She was not able to get the ordinance struck down, because She didn’t have legal standing to file the lawsuit, Sir Lady Java nonetheless paved the way for Rule No. #9 to be “struck down” two years after. Sir Lady Java had some very public Friends at the time like Red Foxx, Lena Horne, Sammy Davis Jr. Richard Pryor and the list goes on and on. This was in addition to the Many Attorneys, Judges etc. that frequented Her Sold Out Shows. Now at 78 yrs. old & rapidly recovering after a stroke, Sir Lady Java continues to be an Open voice for the Gay, Lesbian & Trans Gender Community. We ‪#‎Love‬ You ‪#‎LadyJava‬.

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