Dr. Maya Angelou strongly believes…

 ©ourtesy of  vintageblackglamour

“Forgiveness is the Greatest Gift you can Give Yourself”

Maya AngelouHere in this photo, we see Dr. Maya Angelou doing a little reading in her dressing room before her performance at the Village Vanguard in New York City. Long before she was a poet and writer and the icon we know today, Dr. Angelou was a dancer and singer of folk and calypso songs (she even recorded an album in 1957 called “Miss Calypso” and appeared in the film “Calypso Heat Wave” that same year. This photo was taken by G. Marshall Wilson, who was a staff photographer at Ebony for 33 years. Photo: Art.com

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3 thoughts on “Dr. Maya Angelou strongly believes…

  1. What a beautiful image. I got to see her speak a few years ago and she was so funny and charismatic. I had no idea she was a dancer, singer, actor!


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