Cinema poster. 1957 Film stars bombshell actress, Jane Russell

©ourtesy of  theniftyfifties

‘The Fuzzy Pink Nightgown’

'The Fuzzy Pink Nightgown' - 1957 film poster, starring Jane Russell

The Fuzzy Pink Nightgown is a 1957 American comedy film made by Russ-Field Productions and released by United Artists. It was directed by Norman Taurog from a screenplay by Richard Alan Simmons, based on a novel of the same name by Sylvia Tate.

Plot [Would you believe, it actually has one?]:  Movie star Laurel Stevens (Russell) has made a new film. It’s called The Kidnapped Bride and gives a brainstorm to a couple of small-time crooks, Mike (Meeker) and Dandy (Wynn), to kidnap Laurel. While they take her to a Malibu beachfront hideout, agent Barney and studio chief Martin can’t figure out why Laurel’s a no-show at the premiere. Gossip columnist Daisy Parker is dying to know, too, so a decision is made to avoid a scandal at all costs and not report Laurel missing to the police. Mike and Dandy want a $50,000 ransom. Laurel is insulted, feeling she’s worth ten times that. Laurel also fears this thing could hurt her career by looking like a publicity stunt. When Los Angeles police sergeant McBride, who once sent Mike to prison, comes to Malibu to do a routine check on him, Laurel alters her appearance and pretends to be Mike’s girl. The studio finally goes to the cops and also offers a $100,000 reward.

The ransom money is taken to the airport, which is where the not-too-bright Dandy has a job. McBride notices a portrait of Laurel at the studio and suddenly realizes where he’s just seen her. Laurel has begun to fall for Mike for real. This time when McBride shows up, Laurel knocks him cold. She and Mike steal the cop’s car and race to the airport. They get nabbed by the cops, but dim Dandy has picked up the wrong suitcase. There is no crime so there are arrests, particularly since Laurel and Mike are now in love. – – read more ©ourtesy of wikipedia


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