Dancing With The SCARS: Soon to be Released!

©ourtesy of ABC


What is up with television for Christ sake? Are we really that desperate to see ‘not so ordinary people’ do ‘extra-ordinary things’ in defeat.  In my opinion. The past few years DWTS has taken lengths in digging up more fossils that were/are soon to be extinct off the face of the Earth or maybe from the entire Universe.

To invite Celebrities to come on National Television and Dance as Professionals is beyond comprehension. Have we forgotten that Dancing is a Vocation, Craft, Profession & and an Art. There students right now as I decipher this non-sense, struggling to get on point whilst toning muscles in their bodies that most of us can only dream of manipulating just to achieve high art & beauty. So why the hell are these fools sitting up on International TV pretending to be struggling to coordinate a ‘Dance Number or Routine’ in a givin’ few days?

It’s utter BS and foolishness. Did they Cast & Recruit these celebrities in order to satisfy some idealistic myth they are in pursuit of? Or. Have they just ALL just gone MAD? I don’t get it. I don’t know about you, but, I’ve ‘NEVER’ wanted to be entertained that bad that I would need to sit up and look at anybody, celebrity or not, two-step with three left feet practically at times ending up in their partners ass. NO THANK You.

And, that’s for that one recently on the NEW Season, Bill Nye,  who I used to like on his science show, when did He SNAP? He’s now ailing from a torn ligament that has now givin’ him more PR than He could have ever imagined. Is that Science or What? Now that he’s back in the limelight  without PBS, some of his TV Glory has resumed because of his DWTS injury. Oh Please !!

People are so, so full of themselves with all other sorts of feces floating around them. And. It’s just making me sick to have this BS shoved down & into every orifice of my being. There’s absolutely NO more DIGNITY in this World.  Trying to convince the Public that a celebrity is more of a Talent than we knew is purely, redundant.  The thing is about ‘Reality’ shows is, they’re always based on someone else’s reality, not yours!

FOOTNOTE: Stay tuned in 20 years for the NEW Reality show that will be headlined by ALL Alumini’s of the past DWTS titled ‘DANCING WITH THE SCARS’ (hence the Title) to include ALL the past celebs that sustained injuries or died.


One thought on “Dancing With The SCARS: Soon to be Released!

  1. As with all Mass Media it is about business & Target Audience. The stars of the show are actually the pro dancers. The celebrities selected reflect the demographic range of the audience they are trying to attract and maintain.
    Look at each celebrity and you can see which demographic group is being enticed to watch. The huge problem is that in spite of younger celebrities, the show demographically skews older. There is little money in advertisers beyond the 18 -28( preferably male) demo.
    The young male audience is interested in sex & laughs plus male role models with whom they can relate.
    Older audiences ( mostly female) want recognizable celebrities. They want an emotional stories of triumph, sex ( male with no shirts) and demonstration of some dancing talent.
    They all want to interact with the show in a meaningful way, voting, texting, blogging/commenting and so on.
    I did not cover all the demo groups, but you can see the pattern. 🙂
    Thanks for visiting my photo blog . Much appreciated. Check out my Dark Pines media Literacy blog for related mass media posts. 🙂


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