Galvez says he restored peace to Panama

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Gálvez dice que él devolvió la paz a Panamá
PRESIDENTE DE LA ASAMBLEA: Sergio Gálvez, in the discussion of the second debate of the draft law that seeks to repeal the 72 Photo: Joshua Garcia / The Star
27.10.2012 – 11:24:00 AM – President of the National Assembly, Sergio “Chello” Galvez said on Saturday, October 27, at the exit of the second debate of the project 541, which repeals Act 72, allowing the sale of land in the Colon Free Zone, that by which the country returned to calm after riots that occurred since last October 19 in Columbus and later in Panama.

Galvez noted that the decision to repeal the law and make the debates in the morning, made sure to bring calm to the entire population.

“Nobody is closing the streets” by the decision he made. “It is a historic decision,” he said.

Sergio Galvez took the opportunity to reiterate that the law was good, but explained that it was affecting “the political ingredient”.

The President of the Assembly had repeatedly shown their support for the Act 72 and emphasized that it was a fact. In approving the third debate Project 529, which allowed the sale of the site of the FTA, launched the famous phrase “to mourn the cemetery”, which led him to the eye of the storm for several days and that cost him the qualification ” not pleased “by the people colonense. However, he reiterated that it was not for panameñistas for colonenses.

On Friday, there was controversy because some ministers indicated that they should wait for the president, Ricardo Martinelli, to repeal the law. However, after complaints from the opposition and experts in constitutional matters, who pointed out that according to the Constitution, organic laws could be repealed by the Assembly, the Executive regardless, it was decided that the Authority would repeal the law .

For over a week, colonenses took to the streets to call for the law to back down 72, in protests that turned violent and killed four people. Many cuestinaron the usencia of Ricardo Martinelli and finally, the lack of determination of the Assembly, who had the constitutional power, but had not taken action, until last Friday, October 26, chaos moved to Panama City and the situation is almost out of the hands of the government, forcing authorities to take autonomous decisions to return the tranquility and calm down the spirits of the people sulphide.

The president also criticized the NA session after the opposition to extend the debate to nine hours, when “it could be done in a second.” He said the deputies sought prominence, which is a shame, and instead, the government kept a low profile since the country wants peace.

Some members of the bench and MOLIRENA officer were not present in the discussion of the second debate since the morning, but came to the House in the morning.

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