Bolanji Badejo the Real Star in 1979’s ALIEN

©ourtesy of veganpuglove reblogged vintagegal: It never occurred to me to browse through the credits of Ridley Scott’s 1979 film Alien, to find out who was underneath the monstrous black mask.

The man was Bolanji Badejo, a 7ft tall Nigerian design student picked up from a bar in West London to fill the title role.  He worked on the film for 4 months. Spending every day wrapped in a suffocating custom fitted rubber suit, working to exude a presence of pure evil. Despite his incredible contribution to the film’s success Badejo never received any publicity for his involvement. Ultimately, it would be his only film role. Here is some test footage of Badejo in an alien suit. Even as simple test footage it is still creepy.

I never even thought to look this up! Recently, my boyfriend and I watched Prometheus and all of the Alien movies. It’s crazy how good the movies are, even now! 

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