The UNITED Ad Campaigns from BENETTON

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SLOGAN: Don’t Stand For Something & You’ll Fall For Anything: The Golden Ages of the United Colors of Benetton

We live in a world dominated by powerhouse brands that typically don’t stand for anything outside of attaining the mighty dollar. Sure, you’ll see brands (no name dropping of course) sponsor marathons, non-profits, and various other events, but are these simply sincere gestures or tax write-offs? The PR enthusiast inside of me believes the latter. I appreciate brands that use their power of influence to bridge the gap between accruing financial success and communicating a sincere message that only a brand of strong stature can convey. A wise man once told me that genuine ideas are those most likely to carry across cultures. Countless examples come to mind, but none are as unique as United Colors of Benetton. – – Read more

2 thoughts on “The UNITED Ad Campaigns from BENETTON

  1. Don’t you think this is ad is perverted in almost more ways than The Wiggles, Captain Kangaroo, or Mr. Rogers? How about the new Muppet’s movie that features an actor who was a Muppet enthusiasts in a previous movie, where he also shows his penis twice? Stealing of innocence.


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