Pegasus in the Mind

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The Pegasus is from a frosted crystal ornament in our house.  The amazing background is from NASA. According to *Bill Donahue  of, Pegasus symbolizes the awakening of cosmic memory, the times we are living in, and, interestingly, it also represents the hippocampus of the brain. It’s worth a little research. *Definitely not the person of similar name who defends child abusers. (Sorry to mention.)  – – Read more

Imagery: majestic photo women

by ©VANDIELANDNational Geographic that arrived today (or more like looking at the pictures), when I arrived on their PHOTO JOURNAL section. They featured Traer Scott and more specifically her Natural History portfolio. It is such an amazing set! The photographer in me just wants to steal her idea and go out and do the exact same thing, although I know that the range of photos she captured (candidly, many props to her), is worth many, many hours waiting in front of dioramas. So instead I – – Read more:

African-American, Shakespearean Actor

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Earle Hyman, the Shakespearean actor best known to most as “Grandpa Huxtable” [Crosby Show] in a 1959 Smirnoff vodka ad.

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Beatles ‘John Lennon’ Photos by Richard Avedon 1968 Look Mag

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Collectible vintage issue of Look magazine is for sale in an Etsy shop HERE. These photos by Avedon were printed in Look as a fold out poster insert of the psychedelic color images and the black and white portraits. – – Read more

Pure Nature – Sunset

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‘God Is the Bigger Elvis,’ Starring Sister Dolores Hart

A Nun’s Return to the Red Carpet

Wendy Carlson for The New York Times

NEW ROLE Dolores Hart left Hollywood in 1963. The Abbey of Regina Laudis has been her home since.

By WENDY CARLSON | Published: February 24, 2012

“God Is the Bigger Elvis” has its premiere on HBO on April 5;  special free screening held at the Bantam Cinema in Litchfield on March 24 and 25 at 12 noon with a Q and A.

IT is a story straight out of Hollywood. A beautiful young starlet walks away from a blossoming movie career to become a nun, and 50 years later she returns to the Academy Awards ceremony — as the subject of an Oscar-nominated film. The real-life drama of Dolores Hart, known as Mother Prioress to the nuns here at the Abbey of Regina Laudis, unfolds in the HBO film “God Is the Bigger Elvis,” one of five nominees for best documentary (short subject). The 35-minute film examines Mother Dolores’s transformation from a Hollywood ingénue and the recipient of Elvis Presley’s first on-screen kiss to a cloistered Benedictine nun at the abbey, where for the past nine years she has been the prioress, the second in authority below the abbess, Mother David Serna. Scheduled to be shown on HBO in April, the documentary offers a Continue reading

We Are….?

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before you kissed me | you whispered | something so softly | only my soul  could hear it, | and at that moment  i understood everything, | why the earth and stars  and universe existed, | and why i was created with a heart.

Walt Dizziney

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Artist:  Archibold Motley

Artist:  Robert Pruitt “Tesla Coil”

Photo: “Kalahari Desert Woman” [looks like Oprah]

Amari Baraka aka “Leroy Jones”

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BETTIE PAGE was the Pin-up Goddess

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Lindsay Lohan plays Elizabeth Taylor …duh !!

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Its been a while since Lindsay Lohan starred in any thing note worthy film where she could tap into the wonderful actress she’s capable of being, so it’s certainly pleasing to hear she’ll be playing Elizabeth Taylor in the Lifetime Television Movie “Liz and Dick.” Apparently, the film has been in production since May 2011 and the once troubled star (but now showing signs of upliftment) will channel the internationally known Taylor in this biopic. – – Read more

“I sure hope this doesn’t end up being an ‘unintentional’ Comedy”

Painting: Acrylic on canvas. 2012

©Never erase a thing. It was all meant for something. This into that into this into that. Eternal forward momentum. You suddenly complete me. 
from  Fox Eats Bird

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Spectacular Rainbow Trees

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So a favorite pastime of mine is just clicking on anything of interest on friends of friends Facebook pages.  It’s my version of Pintrest I guess, liking things enough to recycle them, occasionally I post them here. Well just the other day I sorta hit the “beautiful picture” jackpot.  Don’t ask me how I got to his page but Francesco Mugnai from Florence Italy blogs… and boy does he find some beautiful images.  I clicked through almost all of his pictures (and there were a … –  – Read more